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Common Questions

1. What makes Athens Renaissance different from traditional schools?

We embrace three key elements that set our school apart from traditional schools.

  • Engaging and rigorous instruction: Personalized learning plans (PLP) are at the heart of the Athens Renaissance instructional approach.   PLP's use technology and inquiry to engage students with issues and questions that are relevant to their lives.
  • Collaborative culture: Athens Renaissance's culture empowers students and teachers.    Our school has a unique identity that promotes trust, respect and responsibility.    Students have exceptional ownership of their learning experience and are given a level of responsibility similar to what they might experience in a professional workplace.
  • Technology fully applied: Smart use of technology supports our innovative approaches to instruction and culture.   All classrooms have a 1:1 computing ratio.  Networked computers become tools for students to become self-directed learners who no longer rely primarily on teachers or textbooks for knowledge.


2. Does Athens Renaissance School adhere to state and local standards?

Yes, Athens Renaissance School provides a standards based education that meets, and often exceeds, state and local requirements. With personalized learning plans, teachers design academically rigorous assignments tied to standards.


3. Is Athens Renaissance School considered a Charter School?

No, Athens Renaissance School is housed within a traditional public school system. Athens Renaissance School is a school of choice; that is, students and parents choose this type of educational environment. In Athens, Athens Renaissance is governed by the local Board of Education.


4. What does Athens Renaissance mean by 21st century skills?

At Athens Renaissance School, students are evaluated not only on how proficient they are on traditional subject matter, but also on their progress in mastering skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration, communication, technology fluency, creativity, information and media literacy, and contextual learning.


5. Is Athens Renaissance School harder than traditional instruction?

As a student in Athens Renaissance, you will be graded not just on your content knowledge,   but on all of the school-wide learning outcomes. These outcomes reflect real world skills that are necessary to succeed in an authentic work situation.   Examples of these skills include collaboration, work ethic, technology literacy, writing skills, speaking skills, and problem-solving.   Some students believe that Athens Renaissance makes learning easier because they are learning as they discover and apply new skills.


6. Do students need to meet special requirements to be eligible? 

Students who would otherwise be eligible or accepted to a traditional public high school and are in good standing with the district of their current residence are eligible for application.


7. How can I learn more about Athens Renaissance School?

The Athens Renaissance website is a good source of information.  Resources such as biographies, testimonials, videos and news can be found here.  The best way to learn more is to contact Athens Renaissance representative Phillip Jarmon at 256-614-3297 or and schedule a visit.  To have ARS contact you, please complete the Parent and Student Interest Form.

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