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As a Renaissance Center student, you are able to take a majority of your school coursework online, with some courses and academic support provided on-site at the center. You are able to study independently without ever feeling alone because caring, conscientious academic support is available as you need it. Our student support staff-a dedicated, hardworking team of professional high school educators, mentors, and subject matter experts-welcomes your questions and concerns. Our sole purpose is to ensure you are achieving the learning objectives for each course, and are making smooth progress toward graduation.

As a Renaissance Center student, you are able to access coursework from anywhere, at any time, with valuable face-to-face support available during the day and in the evening. Your agreed-upon personalized plan can be developed with the option to simultaneously take courses at Calhoun Community College, the University of Alabama Early College, or any other college or career training center.

As a Renaissance Center student, you have the opportunity to participate in a Leadership Seminar and Field Experiences to empower you for life challenges and help you become equipped with necessary skills for meeting them. Some of these include communication skills, listening skills, team work skills, and character skills such as integrity, work ethic, good judgment, maintaining a positive demeanor, and adaptability. The focus is on your individual strengths, gifts, learning styles, college/career goals, and contribution to the community.

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